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Physics of Consciousness

Dubrov Ya.A.

Psychoinformatics, socionics and the quantum mechanics evolution into the quantum information physics

With the use of the ideas and notions of the energoentropics, energo-information exchange, information metabolism etc. the classical quantum mechanics development is analyzed in respect to the quantum information physics, in which the information theory notions (information quantity) are used besides the known physical ones (energy, entropy). It is shown that the essential role in this process was played by the discussion about the quantum mechanics incompleteness and the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox.
Key words: socionics, quantum mechanics.

Physics and Biology

Berdyshev G.D., Radchenko A.N.

The theory of the operated evolution of the plants, animals and humanity

The survey-analytical article is devoted to the operated evolution theory, developed by the author. The modern biological engineering achievements provide us rather reliable not only to understand the mechanism of evolution but also to operate its course. They produce the possibility to create in future the harmoniously developed Homo futurum.
Key words: evolution, human origination, creationism, biological engineering, evolution operating.

Furduy R.S.

The connection of the ancient cult buildings with the energy-abnormal Earth lots

The data on the influence of the special pathological lots on the human health and biological objects are considered. It is described the megalithic buildings (dolmens) actions on people, animals and biological structures. It is shown that the dolmens, disposed in some geological abnormal lots, are the ultrasound devices, designed for the human organism correction and the man introduction into the changed consciousness states.
Key words: cult buildings, geopathogen lot, megalith, dolmen, human health, ultrasound, changed consciousness states.

Electrodynamics and Gravity

Bukalov A.V.

On the electrodynamical descriptions of the classical gravitation theory and general relativity

It was used the formula, obtained earlier by the author, for the Newton gravitational constant, which is dependent on the thin structure constant and the square of electron mass. On the base of this formula it was obtained the electrodynamical one, equivalent to the Newton gravitation law and identical to the Coulomb law with the fixed coefficient. Thus the gravitation mechanism can be explained as the consequence of the weak destruction of the symmetry between the positive and negative electric charges. It causes the possibility of the CPT-symmetry destruction and its connection with gravitation. The electrodynamical description of the Einstein gravitation theory (GR) leads us to the understanding of the gravitation mechanism, space-time curvature and the inner elementary domain structure of the Minkovsky plane space-time.
Key words: gravitation theory, Newton gravitation constant, electrodynamics, Coulomb law, CPT-symmetry destruction, general relativity.

Special and General Relativity

Nikolenko A.D.

The Space-Time Continuum and Motion of the Time

We formulated the description of the Space-Time Continuum that differs from Minkowski Space-Time, and simultaneously is in one-to-one correspondence with it. The model of time motion within the frames of such continuum description was worked out. Based on that model, the concept of Temporal Velocity (Velocity of Time) was introduced, differing from the concept of time speed (motion) that is used in Special Relativity theory. The role of temporal velocity in Lorenz Transformations was disclosed. It was shown that limitation of spatial velocity of physical processes development is connected with their impossibility to surpass the temporal velocity. It was determined that the velocity of light in the vacuous space reflects the temporal velocity. Obtained results show that a series of fundamental physical correlations and constants related to velocity of light in vacuum turn out to be dependent on temporal velocity.
Key words: Special Relativity, Space-Time Continuum, the Velocity of Time, the Velocity of Light.

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