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Physics of Consciousness and Life

Bukalov A.V.

The biosphere, the cosmological parameters and the elementary particles physics

It is shown, that the Earth biosphere main parameters, such as the alive matter total mass, the DNA and peptides dimensions, are connected with the Universe mass and the Hubble radius as well as with the Planck mass and the fine structure constant. The obtained relations are explained by the author conception of the synergistical evolutioning Universe, where the nonequilibrium structures, including the alive ones, are created under the action of the observed energy forms as well as of the dark energy. Within the Hubble radius the Universe mass can be expressed by the synergetic hierarchy of the degrees of the proton and electron masses relation or the fine structure constant.
Key words: Earth biosphere mass, Universe mass, Hubble radius, DNA dimension, P. Dirac big numbers, fine structure constant, synergetical Universe, biospheres number in the Universe.

Physics and Biology

Berdyshev G.D.

Water isotopics: history, modern aspects, prospecs, alternative problems

In the present article it is described the Aquabiotics - the science about the role of the water in the life phenomena and its section - Water Isotopics. Both sciences are founded and developed by the author and describe the history, modern aspects, prospects and unsolved problems of Water Isotopics.
Key words: deuterium, tritium, water, damaging action, therapeutic effect.

Dulnev G.N.

The Energy-Information Exchange in Nature

The paper contains the attempt to present the scientific view for the possibilities of theoretical existence and experimental registration of so-called "subtle world" - the world of consciousness and informative fields - and its various phenomena. The interactions between Science and Religion and their development during the transition to postindustrial society are reviewed historically. The exposition has been made taking into account the conceptions of synergetic by using of basic ideas and without bulky mathematical tools. Special attention has been spared to the results of experimental investigations performed since 1979 in The Center of Energy-Information Exchange of SPbSIPMO (TU) under the guidness of the author.
Key words: consciousness, synergetic, informative field, science, religion, physical reality, noosphere.

Biophysics and Synergetics

Basin M.A.

Computers. Vortexes. Resonances. Wave Theory of Structures and Systems Interaction. Part 2.

The second part of monograph presents main aspects of the creating by the author information-wave theory of structures and systems interaction. If in the first part it is stated the general statement of the interaction problem, in this work the characteristics of separate structures and systems are analyzed, as well as their classification is realized. In monograph it is described a vortex-wave and structure resonance phenomena, discovered by the author and his employees at the investigation of interaction of waves, vortexes and structures of different nature.
Key words: synergy, vortex-wave resonance, structure resonance, waves structures.

Quantum Mechanics

Klimetz A.P.

The quantum mechanical system and its visual model

The quantum mechanical holographic model is proposed.
Key words: quantum mechanics, holographic model, wave-corpuscle dualism.

Nuclear Physics

Adamenko A.A.

The detailed consideration of the hadron radiation generation by the nucleons vibrations

The hadron radiation is generated by the great cosmos bodies (Earth, Sun) together with the electromagnetic one. The first approximation theory describes this radiation generation as an yield of the nucleons vibration along the hadron bond. The improved theory is developed and shown for such an example as the helium nucleus. The obtained frequency values directly refer to the solar hadron radiation and can be used as an approximate estimation for the planet one.
Key words: nuclear physics, nuclear energetics, planet and solar nonelectomagnetic radiation.


Yakovkin V.N.

Nonlinear Properties of Maxwell Ether

By the analysis of the Maxwell ether it is shown that it must impress itself, causing an increase of its dielectric permeability ε. Ether density is supposed to increase this quality. So ether exists only in the places where D ≠ 0. In the neighborhood of dot charge ε is revealed rapid growth of ε up to ~105 at a distance 10−13cm that causes appropriate decrease of field ("Effect of reduction"). Polarization of ether within this sphere is big enough to make Å =0, i. e. inside this zone all electrical forces disappear. The magnitude of the only parameter of theory Y (proportionality factor between ε and pressure) was derived from nonlinear optics data. It is necessary to take in a count "Effect of reduction" of field on building models of particles and a theory of charge quantization.
Key words: dielectric permeability, Maxwell equations, electrostatic field of charge.


Proniaev V.V.

To cover the uncovered: from the turn off the human aging mechanism till the "Big explosion" theory

It is proposed the mathematical model of the biological processes asymmetry and the alive organisms aging mechanism, connected conceptionaly with the expanding Universe theory.
Key words: mathematical biology, aging mechanism, time asymmetry, DNA, Bernoulli numbers, spectral series of Adams.

Philosophy and Science

Karpenko Yu.P.

Buddhism and Science in the dialogues with Dalai Lama

It is described the famous physics scientists discussions with Dalai Lama in the "Mind and Life" Institute. The topics refer to the quantum mechanics, cosmology as well as to the relations between physical science, Buddies philosophy and religion.
Key words: quantum mechanics, cosmology, Buddhism, philosophy, religion, consciousness levels, space-time.

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