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July – September



Physics of Consciousness and Life

Bukalov A.V.

The energies and structures hierarchy, produced by the elementary particles in the alive organisms

It is introduced the power of the Universe energy flow notion, coincided with the relation of the Planck energy to the Planck time and expressed by the fundamental constants c รจ G: Formula. It is possible that this energy partly emission explains the origination of the cosmic rays, including the high energy ones. It is shown the hierarchical distribution of flows of this energy, mainly vacuum one, by the organization levels of the alive organisms structures, consisted by the special elementary particles and fields besides the usual molecular physical body. It is revealed the set of the structural resonances, connecting the biosphere and organisms structures with the Universe vacuum energy.
Key words: biophysics, structures hierarchy, vacuum energy, organism structure, cosmic rays, Hubble constant, Universe power, astrophysics, Planck energy.

Physics and Biology

Dulnev G.N.

The Energy-Information Exchange in Nature

The paper contains the attempt to present the scientific view for the possibilities of theoretical existence and experimental registration of so-called "subtle world" - the world of consciousness and informative fields - and its various phenomena. The interactions between Science and Religion and their development during the transition to postindustrial society are reviewed historically. The exposition has been made taking into account the conceptions of synergetic by using of basic ideas and without bulky mathematical tools. Special attention has been spared to the results of experimental investigations performed since 1979 in The Center of Energy-Information Exchange of SPbSIPMO (TU) under the guidness of the author.
Key words: consciousness, synergetic, informative field, science, religion, physical reality, noosphere.

Physics of the Social Systems

Basina G.I, Basin M.A.

Humanity. Non-usual models

It is described the first results of the usage of the proposed by the authors information-wave theory of the interacting systems for the humanity investigation as a complex self-organizing system within the synergetic paradigm. It is determined the "unit complex parameter", characterizing the humanity as a unit system; its change dynamics is studied. It is proposed a new model for the growth dynamics of the complex unit parameter and it is given the previous information interpretation of the imaginary part of this complex parameter. It is constructed the chains of the threefold elements, which characterize the main parameters, determining the human society dynamics, and these parameters measures are proposed. It is made the first attempt of investigation of the boundaries influence on the human population dynamics.
Key words: synergetic, self-organization, human society, human population.

Special and General Realtivity

Bukalov A.V.

On the connection of the Planck units and gravitation constant with the macroscopic energies and intervals within the STR

It is discussed the connection of the invariant Planck units with the uninvariant energies, impulses and space-time intervals. It is given the set of relations, connecting the Newton gravitation constant with the variable gravitation coefficients, uninvariant in respect to the Lorentz transformations.
Key words: Newton gravitation constant, Planck units, variable gravitation coefficients, Lorentz transformations.

Zhuck N.A.

The modern space and time notions and the Lorentz transformations limitations

The modern analysis of space and time concepts is given. It is shown that their deformation under the material bodies motion regarding each other has interrelated character, and the Lorentz transformation laws describe this deformation correctly only in the cross plane in respect to the motion direction. The author offers the group of the coordinates affine transformations in absolute symmetric 6-dimensional space-time, which maintains the light cone equation without change and describes this deformation correctly instead of Lorentz transformation laws. The author uses this transformation group successfully since 1984, what puts the problem of the generalization of the Lorentz transformation laws and the Einstein Special Theory of Relativity.
Key words: space-time, Lorentz transformations, Special Theory of Relativity.

Klimetz A.P.

On the space dimensions

On the base of the certain philosophical approach it is discussed the space dimentions notion and thus the generalized dimensions notion is introduced. It is shown that the observed 3-dimensions space can be many-dimensions and even infinitely-dimensions one.
Key words: geometry, space dimensions, 3-dimensions space.

Klimetz A.P.

Why the space is three-dimensioned

Why the space is three-dimensioned
Key words: Planck geons, space dimensions, General Theory of Relativity.

Nuclear Physics

Adamenko A.A.

The improved conception of nuclear physics

The integrated science of nature, which is formatted in present time, proves the improved approach to the natural phenomena. Consideration, taking into account the existence of the planet nonelectromagnetic radiation and the nuclear magnetic-like field, can be produced now for any branch of science. In particular the nuclear-physical phenomena are considered in connection with the mentioned substances and thus the new technologies can be proposed for the nuclear energetics.
Key words: nuclear physics, nuclear energetics, planet radiation, cold nuclear reaction.

Problems of Methodology

Tashker I.D.

On the statistical hypothesises under the reglamentation of the dangerous loads

It is considered the known practice of the statistical methods usage under the unvestigation of the dangerous loads action on the human organism as well as under the reglamentation of the human conditions and activity.
Key words: statistical laws, hypothesizes check-up, human organism load, bioethics.


Jackiewicz W.W.

The changed consciousness states and the cancer disease treatment

The antientropic action of the consciousness meditative states on the cancer disease is considered on the base of the thinking processes thermodynamics according to N. I. Kobozev.
Key words: thinking processes thermodynamics, meditative consciousness states, cancer disease treatment, selforganization.

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