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April – June



Physics of Consciousness and Life

Bukalov A.V.

On the quantum description of the consciousness fields

It is supposed the quantum equation for the consciousness field description, which yields the existence of the psychic charges, correspondent to the unit "Self" of alive creatures, including the human.
Key words: consciousness field, alive organism, psychic charge, quantum mechanics, physics of consciousness and life.

Physics and Biology

Dulnev G.N.

The Energy-Information Exchange in Nature

The paper contains the attempt to present the scientific view for the possibilities of theoretical existence and experimental registration of so-called "subtle world" - the world of consciousness and informative fields - and its various phenomena. The interactions between Science and Religion and their development during the transition to postindustrial society are reviewed historically. The exposition has been made taking into account the conceptions of synergetic by using of basic ideas and without bulky mathematical tools. Special attention has been spared to the results of experimental investigations performed since 1979 in The Center of Energy-Information Exchange of SPbSIPMO (TU) under the guidness of the author.
Key words: consciousness, synergetic, informative field, science, religion, physical reality, noosphere.


Topchiy N.N., Berdishev G.D., Demidopv S.V., Skripka K.A., Shklyar S.E., Melnichuk I.V.

The information about death is necessary for life

In present paper we give the review of own experimental and literary data, devoted to programmed cells destruction- apoptosis in animal and plants. We show, that the inheritable information about cell death is necessary for life and evolutionary prosperity of multicellular organisms.
Key words: senility, programmed cell death, apoptosis, necrosis and caspaces.

Physics of the Social Systems

Basina G.I, Basin M.A.

Humanity. Non-usual models

It is described the first results of the usage of the proposed by the authors information-wave theory of the interacting systems for the humanity investigation as a complex self-organizing system within the synergetic paradigm. It is determined the "unit complex parameter", characterizing the humanity as a unit system; its change dynamics is studied. It is proposed a new model for the growth dynamics of the complex unit parameter and it is given the previous information interpretation of the imaginary part of this complex parameter. It is constructed the chains of the threefold elements, which characterize the main parameters, determining the human society dynamics, and these parameters measures are proposed. It is made the first attempt of investigation of the boundaries influence on the human population dynamics.
Key words: synergetic, self-organization, human society, human population.


Adamenko A.A.

The actual problems of modern Physics

The modern physics problems are connected with development of the integrated science of nature, including the ecologically pure technologies, based on the usage of the planet nonelectromagnetic radiation. The actual phenomena occure to be the hadron ones and thus namely the nuclear physics plays the main role under the technological progress.
Key words: nuclear physics, geophysics, biophysics.


Kothevenko I. I.

On the question of association gravitational, electrical and nuclear forces

The hypothesis of association of the gravitational, electrical and nuclear forces is developed. In the basis of the hypothesis the assumption about existence of not a material matter with the certain physical parameters is used. The interaction of a not material matter with a material matter is shown as gravitational, electrical and nuclear forces. The coincidence of settlement sizes with experimental is shown.
Key words: material, gravitational forces, electrical forces, nuclear forces, gravitational constant.

Physics and Philosophy

Klimetz A.P.

Science and irrationality

It is discussed the usage of the Bohr complementarity principle for the irrational side of reality.
Key words: rationality, irrationality, logic, intuition, science, creative work.

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