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Physics of Consciousness and Life

Bukalov A.V.

The hierarchy of energies and the elementary particles structures in the alive matter organization

It is shown that the vacuum energy can form synergetically the hierarchy of the alive organism structures, which consist of atoms as well as of the set of elementary particles, existing according to the modern quantum field theory. The lowest level of the hierarchy and the alive matter organization correspond to the observed atom-molecular structures, which form the physical body of alive organism. The quantum structure of alive organism and its interaction with the nonlocal vacuum energy provide us to introduce the conception about the quantum nonlocality of alive organism, its psychics and consciousness.
Key words: alive matter, biophysics, vacuum energy, hierarchy of fermion structures of organism, synergetics.


Berdyshev G.D., Makhotina O.A.

The memory of water and modern phytotherapy

It is shown, that the one of the unstudied physicochemical characteristics of water is its memory, with the help of which the homeopathy and many other phenomena are explained. With the help of the herbs water memory, revealed by the authors, the geno-, gero- and radiation protective actions of the biologically active fluids (BAF) of herbs and vegetables extracted by vacuum-condensation, are explained. The results of the researches carried out on Drosophilae and proved the water memory of herbs, are described.
Key words: water, biologically active fluid, water memory, Drosophilae, genoprotectors, radioprotectors.

Basin M.A.

The dynamics of Determined Structures with the Finite Number of Conditions

It is presented the model of insulated determined dynamic structure with the finite number of conditions. It is shown that structures of such type have attractors in the form of stationary points or cycles. The maximal attractors of such structures are described by mathematical models, equivalent to the theory of finite groups. Different forms of presentations of the studied structures dynamics are built.
Key words: determined structure, attractors.

Physics and Biology

Dulnev G.N.

The Energy-Information Exchange in Nature

The paper contains the attempt to present the scientific view for the possibilities of theoretical existence and experimental registration of so-called "subtle world" - the world of consciousness and informative fields - and its various phenomena. The interactions between Science and Religion and their development during the transition to postindustrial society are reviewed historically. The exposition has been made taking into account the conceptions of synergetic by using of basic ideas and without bulky mathematical tools. Special attention has been spared to the results of experimental investigations performed since 1979 in The Center of Energy-Information Exchange of SPbSIPMO (TU) under the guidness of the author.
Key words: consciousness, synergetic, informative field, science, religion, physical reality, noosphere.

Cosmology and Astrophysics

Bukalov A.V.

Determination of the Hubble parameter exact value

The formula, obtained under the Universe quantum description, connects the values of the Universe mass and Hubble parameter H0 and allows to calculate them. Exact value of the Hubble's parameter was determined as H0=68.658±0.1 km s-1 Mpc-1, that is in excellent agreement with the experimental data. Product G·MU changes proportionally to the Hubble time change: G·MU~t, which follows from the obtained formula. The discretion and limitation of energy of the Universe eliminates the lambda-problem, and calculated density of vacuum energy corresponds to the observed one.
Key words: quantum cosmology, vacuum of the Universe, harmonic oscillator, circular oscillation frequency, Hubble parameter.

Zhuck N.A.

On the identity of the two Einstein equations type

The problem on identity of two types of the General Relativity equations differed by addend with the cosmological constant is considered. It is shown that this parameter actually is not a constant and the right members of different types of the Einstein equations have the different contents and thus they permit the identification of the equations with each other. The clear explanation of right members of the indicated equations is obtained only by the separation of the explored body from the all remaining material objects of the Universe and taking into account the influence of these objects on the gravitational field of explored body.
Key words: Einstein equations, gravitation field.

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