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July – September



Physics and Biology

Dulnev G.N.

Energy-Informative Exchange in Nature

The attempt is given to present the scientific view for the possibilities of theoretical existence and experimental registration of so-called "subtle world" - the world of consciousness and informative fields - and its various phenomena. The interactions between Science and Religion and their development during the transition to postindustrial society are reviewed historical. The exposition has been made taking into account the conceptions of synergetic by using of basic ideas and without bulky mathematical tools. Special attention has been spared to the results of experimental investigations performed since 1979 in The Center of Energy-Information Exchange of SPbSIPMO (TU) under the guidness of the author.
Key words: consciousness, synergetic, informative field, science, religion, physical reality, noosphere.

Bukalov A.V.

On the quantum-mechanical properties of the alive matter

It has been carried out a comparison of the physical properties of the quantum liquids with the properties of an alive organism, considering as a macro-quantum system, created with condensate of the space-time intervals of the events, playing a role of the quasi-particles in the strong misbalanced biological system, moving in a flow of energy.
Key words: quantum liquid, Bose-condensate, Fermi-condensate, alive organism, macro-quantum system, discrete metric of the events, wave function of the biological system.

Adamenko A.A., Gorchev V.F., Levchook Yu.N., Tretyakov S.P.

The development of the improved structure of fundamental interactions

The experimental observations, carried out by the independent authors, prove the existence of the nonelectromagnetic phenomena, which cannot be perceived on the base of the known fundamental interactions structure. We have to point out the known structure shortcoming which is the absence of the symmetry. The improved fundamental interactions structure has the symmetrical form and includes the places for the observed nonelectromagnetic phenomena. We have obtained the fundamental notions base for the integrated science formation and the new technological means construction.
Key words: nonelectromagnetic biological phenomena, biological object, cosmophysical nonelectromagnetic radiation


Havrysh O.H.

On the physical nature of the biological field: the torsion model of a live cell

On the base of the theory of the physical vacuum it is proposed the torsion model of the functioning of alive cell.
Key words: live cell, biological field, physical vacuum, torsion model, DNA.


Dyudkin D.A.

On the mechanism of the Earth-Sun connections

The united mechanism of the Earth-Sun connections has been grounded with a variety of the geophysical processes. It has been established with experimental modeling, that the process of rotation of the Earth is supported by the electric field of the ionosphere. On the base of the scientific discovery it has been grounded a phenomena of excitement of electric current in the Earth, which generates the geomagnetic field. The author works up a hypothesis about the mechanism of the Earth-Sun connections. According to it, the united base of all geophysical processes is the electric forces of the transformed solar energy. On that base the interrelationship between the elements of system and their correlation have place.
Key words: natural calamity, natural phenomena, solar energy, flow of the charged particles, electric field of the ionosphere, velocity of the Earth rotation, electric current of the Earth, generation of the geomagnetic field, electric field of the Earth.

Special and General Theory of Realtivity

Klimetz A. P.

A model of inertial and gravitational mass in the General Theory of Relativity

A model of inertial and gravitational mass has been built. The total character of the model and its connection with the structure of the space and the time are shown.
Key words: theory of gravity, space, time, matter, geon, mass.

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