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Physics of Consciousness and Life

Bukalov A.V.

The inhabited planets quantity in the Galaxy and Universe according to the SETI. The civilization development strategies

Basing on the new physical approach in description of the characteristics of alive matter, the author obtained a numerical values for mass of living matter in the Universe, quantity of biospheres in the Universe (Nbio~3.3·1018), quantity of biospheres in the Galaxy (N~(1±0,5)·108). The calculated average distance between biospheres in the Galaxy is l≤25 light years. However, the probability of disclosure of an extra-terrestrial civilization, analogous to Earth one, is too small, P~10-5. It is shown, that a paradigm of the expansive and extensive development of the modern technological civilization in the bounds of SETI is useless principally. A strategy of intensive growth of civilization using the low-energy quantum technologies is more realistic. In that case, the radiation of civilization becomes low and it is very difficult to detect such civilization in the electromagnetic diapason.
Key words: SETI, quantity of biospheres in the Universe, life in Galaxy, strategy of the civilization growth, astrobiology, communication, thermodynamics, tempodynamics.

Kurik M.V., Kurik A.M.

Water as an indicator of the physical form fields

Influence of a form field on the properties of water has experimentally fixed for the first time. It has done with the help of measuring a parameter of acid-alkaline activity of water, situating in the various form vessels. It is a first experimental demonstration of existing in the nature of the fields of a physical space form.
Key words: form field, physics of vacuum, properties of water.

Martsenyuk L.S.

The phenomena of energo-information exchange from the position of the alive quantum-physics

The article is devoted to the new application the influence of super weak mm-irradiation, of small doses of radiation and homeopathic supplements on alive organism viability. Such approach is offered on the basis of the last nature investigations of energy information phenomena in biologically active environment and also on the proper model of mechanism of the resonance vibration arising in the biological membranes.
Key words: small doses of radiation

Biophysics and Synergetics

Basin M.A.

A complex multinomial as a source of catastrophes

In work [1, p.9], for approximation of occasions, preceding the catastrophe, is offered following function from a time: I(t)=A+B(tc-t)α[1+Ccos(ωlog(tc-t)φ)]. Complexification of this formula and change of variable allowed to open degree essence of presented approximation and define a linear differential equation, which decision is it.
Key words: catastrophe, multinomial.

Field Theory and Electrodynamics

Oleinik V.P.

The problem of superlight communication: superlight signals in electromagnetic field and their physical carrier

It is shown that the existence of superlight signals, transmitted by the own fields of electrically charged particles, rigorously follows from Maxwell equations for electromagnetic field interacting with electric charges and currents in vacuum. The physical mechanism of occurrence of superlight signals is caused by the non-local coupling of scalar and vector potentials with electric and magnetic field strengths. In quantum systems superlight signals are found at every step, in any quantum processes. The field of potentials acts as an informational field capable of transmitting information with any speed. The results obtained do not contradict the physical principles underlying special relativity. At present all the necessary prerequisites are available, both theoretical and technical, for the creation of the means and systems of superlight communication based on the use of own fields. New communication facilities will greatly surpass the existing ones in every respect, by the speed and range of information transfer, by the ability to penetrate through any obstacles, by the reliability of operation.
Key words: superlight communication, own field, informational field, vortex field, non-locality, self-organization, open system, self-action.


Hrycak V.V., Hrycak J., Iglin S.P.

Information principles and rules of noosphere

The principles and rules of Nonospaces is discussed within the framework mathematics and physics models. Nonospaces (Nonouniverses in strongly) model are finite topological spaces, which are the combinatorial structures that can serve as replacement, or approximations to, bounded regions within continuous spaces, such as combinatorial manifolds. In the spirit, the present paper studies the finite approximation of Nonouniverses. It has been proposed the mathematical model confirming completely with known experimental data of information properties and the gravity space construction.
Key words: noosphere, Nonospaces, mathematical model, finite topological spaces.

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