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October – December



Physics of Consciousness and Life

Bukalov A.V.

On the quantity of information in the alive organisms and the level of ordering

The existence of metric, temporal analog of thermodynamics, named tempodynamics, follows from the consideration of the degree of order of alive organisms. In tempodynamics the entropy and information are determinated by the quantity of the temporal microscopic states of object. The estimations of quantity of information and degree of order are given for alive organisms: a cell, a man, a biosphere, and the biomass of the Universe. It is shown the considerable quantitative difference between a whole alive organism and an aggregate of the separate cells with the same mass.
Key words: thermodynamics, tempodynamics, physics of life, informational ordering of alive organisms, cell, human, biosphere, biomass of the Universe.

Biophysics and Synergetics

Basin M.A.

On the complex energy of system

The dynamic system, for which the main measure (action) is casual variable, is analysing. The complex wave vector function, describing systems dynamics is built and the main differential identity, to which this function satisfies, is explored. It is introduced the complex operator, which after averaging reduces to the complex number, real part of which in the event of mechanical interpretation for the insulated system may be identifying with the mechanical action, but imaginary part can be valued with the accuracy to the scale factor, using the entropy of probability. The hypothesis is proposed for the investigated type systems, which can have not only real (physical) energy, but its complex analogue as well.
Key words: dynamic system, energy, complex operator, complex function, entropy.

Gravity and Geophysics

Zhuck N.A.

Gravitational-wave properties and catastrophes of the Earth

The equations of the General Relativity with the cosmological constant in the field form for the first time are applied to the Earth. As the result of calculation the series of extremely low resonant frequencies of the Earth was obtained in the 10-6...10-4Hz. They are in a frequency range of gravitational perturbations from other heavenly bodies of the Solar system, double and pulsatory stars and they can cause the Earth cataclysms: tsunami, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions. It is shown that the theoretically found resonant frequencies of the Earth are filed already for a long time by the physicist-experimenters.
Key words: gravitation, gravitational waves, resonant frequencies of the Earth.

Cosmology and Astrophysics

Bukalov A.V.

A reason of existence of one-dimension and irreversible time. Possible age of the Universe

The representation of the observed Universe as an object inside a white or black hole, under the Schwarzschild sphere, allows to identify the observed physical time with an one-dimension gravitational radius, which is the part for the objects irreversible motion. It is a physical reason for existence of one-dimension and irreversible time in the Universe. The two possible values of the age of the Universe are discussed: 14,2 milliard years รจ 22,32 milliard years.
Key words: cosmology, one-dimension time, irreversibility of time, age of the Universe, white hole, black hole, arrow of time.

Rykov A.V.

Antigravity in the Universe and some applications

The space vacuum is a medium, which determines gravity and antigravity in the Universe. Inertia is a property of mass, possessing gravitational electric charge, upon which the electric field acts with the force proportional to the acceleration of the charge. This main thesis gives an opportunity to estimate the antigravitational accelerations, acting to the cosmic objects. It is carried out a brief analyze of antigravity in the Solar system and in the Universe as a whole. The questions of determination of acceleration are put on when the motion has explosive character, and the real size of the black hole has the certain value of gravitational charge.
Key words: space vacuum, inertia, antigravity.

Chernovolov A.F.

A model of the seven-dimensional closed Universe with the Mach principle

It is proposed a mathematical model of the Universe, corresponding to the both postulates of the Special Theory of Relativity. Demonstrating the Mach principle, it allows to represent the laws of mechanics and electrodynamics as the functions of the seven-dimension space, and has the all properties of the theory of united field.
Key words: cosmology, Mach principle, seven-dimensional model of the Universe.

History of Science

Larin V.N., Egela V.V.

On the centenary of the quantum of action discovery

On the occasion of the centenary of the quantum of action discovery the review of the measurements and standardization of the Planck constant h is prepared. Some characteristic features of the different estimate procedures of h adjustment are outlined.
Key words: quantum theory, Planck constant, quantum of action.


Bril B.Ja.

Kinetic theory of Gravity and the basis of the United theory of matter

All the material objects of the Nature (substantial and field) are discrete. They consist of string shaped elementary particles. Undeformed fundamental string is a field particle and deformed one is an elementary particle of the substance. The theory, based on these postulates, had resulted in numerous observed consequences. The work is intended for physicists, astro- and geophysicists as well as for the persons, who want to understand phenomena of Nature from common points of view.
Key words: gravity, cosmology, geophysics, expanding of the Earth, quantum theory.

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