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Physics of Consciousness and Life

Bukalov A.V.

The influence of Consciousness on the Radioactive Decay Rate

The considerable (10-13%) influence of the skilled wizards on the radioactive decay rate was shown and discussed. However, people, dealing with meditative practice, find themselves able to alter the radioactive decay rate up to 17-20%. Within the physics of consciousness, developed by the author, the ability of consciousness to interact with any organization level matter is discussed.
Key words: consciousness, energetic influence, alteration of radioactive decay rate, meditation, altered consciousness state, physics of consciousness.

Berdyshev G.D., Radchenko A.N.

Prion as a new form of life

During the millions years the alive creatures of the Earth, with the help of immune system and other mechanisms, successfully defend from viruses and other microorganisms, affecting their cells. Intensive pollution of environment led to depressing of protective forces of nature, and as a result the new death-dealing infections appeared. New diseases, causing by mutant viruses, are not given to treatment. More then 2000 viruses are known today, but nobody knows their total quainty. Since 1973 the 30 new virus infection and its agents are discovered, 20 of them are human viruses. Nobody knows, where new pathogenetic agents had come from. Prions can be attributed to them too. They cause the death-dealing diseases of people and animals. Prions are the protein molecules, possessing the main property of life - reproduction. A discovery of prions became possible due to biological revolution, which is changing the human world in XXI century.
Key words: prion, prion protein, bovini spongiform encephalopathy, scrapie, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, Gerstmann-Straussler syndrome.

Biophysics and Synergetics

Basin M.A.

Information-wave theory of structures and systems

The bases of the developed by the author information-wave theory of interaction of structures and systems are briefly stated. Basing on the belief about collection of interacting identical structures as on the wave, manage to build sufficiently general classification of waves, structures and systems, allowing not only consider from united positions wave, vortex and multiple (mushroom) structures and their transformations, as well as understand main regularities of forming and development of hierarchical is transport-information systems, which classification and qualitative study is executed in work. Particularities of interaction of vortexes, waves and structures are investigated. Dynamics of interaction of structures and systems is presented in the manner of the graph, in which one of the coordinates is a time, and nodes are "occasions" - acts of interaction, as a result of which occurs a qualitative transformation of structures, in them participating. Mathematical modeling of dynamic and information features of interacting systems is realized with using of the complex functions and operators. Executed theoretical research allowed to explain a number of new physical phenomena, discovered at the study of motion of asymmetrical bodies in the continuous medium, as resonance wave interaction of vortex and mushroom structures with dispersing waves, appearing under their motion (vortex-wave resonance). At the vortex-wave resonance, there are not only observed anomalous great disturbances of the parameters of flow, the new types of stable structures, not observing at usual conditions are formed. Vortex-wave resonance is one of the most important ways of structurization in continuous media.
Key words: synergetic, wave, information, structure, vortex, resonance.

Special and General Realtivity

Klimetz A. P.

New interpretation of the Special Theory of Relativity

It is considered the Special Theory of Relativity from the new point of view. Essence of the theory is exposed by the method of modeling. It gives a possibility to understand the real meaning of the Lorentz transformations and allows to take a new view on the notions "space" and "time" in the theory. It is shown that the Special Theory of Relativity has nothing but description the space-time properties of the massless fields with respect to one or other system of reading. It is shown that the invariant interval S is the real length of the moving body, which does not change at even and rectilinear moving, as well as the mass of the body m. These conclusions, applying to the General Theory of Relativity without affecting the mathematical structure of GTR, cardinally change its interpretation, allowing the re-comprehend of the traditional geometrical approach in the theory of gravity.
Key words: theory of relativity, space, time, velocity of light, system of reading.

Cosmology and Astrophysics

Zhuck N. A.

Cosmology, fundamental interactions and the mass of particle, which is treated as the medium of interactions

The ways of unifying physical interactions on uniform basis are shown. The gravitation is shown as infringement of symmetry of electrical forces. Formula of gravitational constant is deduced by the author on the base of the stationary model of the Universe. Within the B. V. Bolotov framework of crystalline structure of atom it is shown that the nuclear forces are the infringement of symmetry of electrical forces too. Constant of nuclear interactions is found. It is shown that a carrier of all interactions is the ether. By four expedients it is based that the particle mass of the ether is equal 10-69kg.
Key words: cosmology, perfect vacuum, fundamental interactions.

Chepick Alex M.

The Calculation of the Indispensable Accuracy of the Measuring of an EM-wave Energy

The hypothesis of a "tired light" is now disclaimed by indirect signs. Within the framework of this hypothesis it is demonstrated, that the energy ε=hH (where h - Planck constant, H - Hubble constant) is a value of energy that is lost by a photon in respect to one cycle of a light wave, irrespective of a wavelength. Only having exceeding of the indicated measurement accuracy of energy, it is possible to demonstrate absence or presence of "tired" light directly in experiment. But in case of the stationary Universe it is possible to test this hypothesis by the obtained exponential dependence between redshift and distance up to a source.
Key words: Cosmology theory, stationary model, redshift, tired light, Hubble constant

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