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Physics of Consciousness and Life

Kaznacheev V.P.

Consciousness and Physics

The author analyses the results of the advanced scientific investigations, conducting by International Scientific-research Institute of Cosmic Anthropoecology together with some divisions of SCCEM SB RAMS. From a position of a continuer of the ideas of "Russian cosmizm" the modern scientific world picture is analyzed, the strategic question of survival of a living cosmic substance is formed, special responsibility of scientific thought as the uniting planetary phenomenon is outlined. There are described the experiments on the changing of human consciousness in the special screening devices, named Kozyrev's mirrors, with the obtaining of the clairvoyance effects. It is found the transfer of chemical and biological information from one biochemical or biological object to another by means of the spinor-torsion fields. It is discussed the role of the field diagrams in the functioning of alive substance and the origin of the species Homo sapiens. There are considered the concepts "Kozyrev hologram" and "Kozyrev space", which allow to explain the observing effects. It is proposed the general conception of interaction the spinor-torsion fields with the alive substance, including the effects of heliocosmic imprinting.
Key words: physics of consciousness, spinor field, torsion field, biology, cell, information transference, Kozyrev hologram and space, ecology, hormesis, health, alive substance, biophysics, heliocosmic imprinting, Minkovsky-Einstein space.

Bukalov A.V.

Theory of Psycho-Informational Space, its Fields and Structures. General Concept

The concept of psycho-informational space and its fields performing the role of substructures, that relates to the whole spectrum of psychic and social activity in humans and other creatures, is suggested. More specifically, the space includes in itself a transpersonal part of psychic processes (as described by C.Jung and S. Grof), synchronistic processes, religious phenomena and corresponding psychic correlatives, psychic processes within an individual, types of informational metabolism (IM) within the structure of socion, and integral and social (societal) psyche. From the standpoint of methodology, the suggested theory relates to the whole spectrum of human psychic and social activities studied by other sciences (likewise the Maxwell electromagnetic theory has united electricity, magnetism, light and radio waves by qualifying them different manifestations of the single electromagnetic field).
Key words: socionics, psycho-informational space, hierarchy of psycho-informational fields, the single theory of field, self, psyche, transpersonal, social (societal) psyche.

Ageev I.L., Dulnev G.N., Ipatov A.P., Kolmakow S.V., Filippov S.N.

Registration of the process of the untraditional method of the informational transference

The brief results of registration with the help of standard measuring apparatus of the process of the information transference by the untraditional methods are presented. The experimental data measuring allow to make the conclusion about the possibility of information transfer by the untraditional methods. The generator of the informational signals was a man (biooperator), who during the experiment was trying to change the value of the parameters of the objects of alive and stagnant nature. The final result of the informational influence was registered both by the standard measuring devices and subjectively, by the percipients sensations. The information transference process, including it transfer on long distance (more then 500 km), is going on without perceptible outlays of energy, though the production of information requires from the biooperator the certain expenditure of energy.
Key words: information transference, biooperator, informational signal, physics of consciousness.

Biophysics and Synergetics

Basin M.A.

Information-wave theory of structures and systems

The bases of the developed by the author information-wave theory of interaction of structures and systems are briefly stated. Particularities of interaction of vortexes, waves and structures are investigated. Dynamics of interaction of structures and systems is presented in the manner of the graph, in which one of the coordinates is time, and nodes are "occasions" i.e. the acts of interaction, as a result of which occurs a qualitative transformation of structures, in them participating. Mathematical modeling of dynamic and information features of interacting systems is realized with using of the complex functions and operators. Executed theoretical research allowed to explain a number of new physical phenomena, discovered at the study of motion of asymmetrical bodies in the continuous medium, as resonance wave interaction of vortex and mushroom structures with dispersing waves, appearing under their motion (vortex-wave resonance). At the vortex-wave resonance, there are not only observed anomalous great disturbances of the parameters of flow, the new types of stable structures, not observing at usual conditions are formed. Vortex-wave resonance is one of the most important ways of structurization in continuous media.
Key words: synergetics, wave, information, structure, vortex, resonance.

Cosmology and Astrophysics

Bukalov A.V.

The exact value of the Hubble constant and the modes of evolution of the quantum Universe

From the description of the Universe as a vacuum quantum harmonic oscillator it has been found the exact value of the Hubble constant H0=68,796km s-1Mpc-1, what is in good agreement with the experimental data. For the description of the evolution of the quantum Universe it has been suggested an equation, which particular case is the equation of the dynamics of the inflationary Universe. It has been considered a possible sequence of the four modes of evolution of the quantum Universe.
Key words: quantum cosmology, vacuum of the Universe, harmonic oscillator, cyclic frequency of oscillation, Hubble constant.

Zhuck N.A.

Yukawa potential and its properties

The law of gravity, based on the Yukawa potential, has been investigated. It is shown, that many Universe properties have the logical explanation only in the bounds of the law, which is identical not only for gravitation, but for the nuclear interactions too.
Key words: gravitation, cosmology, Yukawa potential, nuclear interaction, mass defect.

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