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October – December



Physics of Consciousness and Life

Bukalov A.V.

On the possibility of existence of the field forms of life

Molecular structures create tensions in the vacuum fields and connect with the field forms of life. It is possible the existence of hierarchy of such structures, which forms the resulting geodesic trajectories of the non-equilibrium systems moving, including the biological ones, what is equivalent to the moving of this systems in super-field with the complicated geometrical structure, analogously to the description of the elementary particles moving not in the electromagnetic field, but in the space with the Finsler geometry. The field forms of life are in the Rindler vacuum with the negative temperature and density of energy, and their entropy corresponds to information in Minkovsky world. It explains the anti-entropic nature of consciousness and life.
Key words: field forms of life, Rindler vacuum, Minkovsky space, negative temperature, information, entropy, thermodynamics of consciousness.

Bukalov A.V.

Consciousness and physical world: the changing states of consciousness and transpersonal psychology

The S.Grof data are described on the human psyche cartography, including the transpersonal levels. They allow to make conclusion about non-reduction of psyche and consciousness to the known physical components: space-temporal and energy-impulse structures. It is proposed a conception of the psycho-informational fields and the psycho-informational space (ψ, i), which is the same elementary component of the united field BU(ψ, i, e, p, x, t) as energy, impulse, space and time.
Key words: changing states of consciousness, LSD, transpersonal psychology, physics of consciousness, psyche, psycho-informational fields.

Chumachenko V.A., Chumachenko A.V.

The expansion of the human consciousness horizon

The possibilities of the expanded world perception by the human consciousness after opening the hidden structures of human power-complex are considered.
Key words: human power-complex, realizing, mental double, psychological kernel of person, modeling of phenomena and processes.

Problems of Methodology

Klimetz A.P.

The philosophic prerequisites

Relativity is the general universal property of material world. However in the real cognitive situations relativity shows itself as the certain relations between the definite things or elements, that are organized into an integral system. The article is devoted to investigation of the regularities of the objective relations, which play an important part in considering of the natural and social phenomena.
Key words: relativity, external relation, internal relation, objective relation, logic, methodology, theory of knowlege.

Relativity Mechanics

Klimetz A.P.

Velocity of light

The velocity of light and its connection with space and time are discussed.
Key words: theory of relativity, time, space

Field Theory and Nuclear Physics

Oleinik V.P. and Arepjev Yu.D.

On the theory of nuclear reactions at low energies: the physical mechanism of the reactions

The physical mechanism of nuclear reactions at low energies caused by spatial extension of electron is considered. Nuclear reactions of this type represent intra-electronic processes, more precisely, the processes occurring inside the area of basic localization of electron. The distinctive characteristics of these processes are defined by interaction of the own field produced by electrically charged matter of electron with free nuclei. The heavy nucleus, appearing inside the area of basic localization of electron, is inevitably deformed because of interaction of protons with the adjoining layers of electronic cloud, which may cause nuclear fission. If the two or greater number of light nuclei occur "inside" electron, an attractive force appears between the nuclei which may result in the fusion of nuclei. The intra-electronic mechanism of nuclear reactions is of a universal character. For its realization it is necessary to have merely a sufficiently intensive stream of free electrons, i.e. heavy electric current, and sufficient number of free nucleus. This mechanism may operate only at small energies of translation of the centers of mass of nuclei and electron. Because of the existence of simple mechanism of nuclear reactions at low energies, nuclear reactor turns out to be an atomic delayed-action bomb which may blow up by virtue of casual reasons as it, apparently, had taken place in Chernobyl. The use of cold nuclear reactions for production of energy will provide mankind with cheap, practically inexhaustible and non-polluting energy sources.
Key words: nuclear reactions at low energies, intra-electronic process, electron, intra-electronic mechanism of nuclear reaction, quantum electrodynamics.

Rykov A.V.

The theory of vacuum and some practical results

Vacuum, where matter exists, is an objective reality of Nature. It has a structure made by electrical massless dipoles. This structure is responsible for gravitation, inertia and propagation of light (EMW). The structure can be influenced by the electrical, magnetic forces and by radiation and thus it gives the possibility for control the gravitation and inertia.
Key words: magnetic and dielectric constants of vacuum, structure of vacuum.

Cosmology and Astrophysics

Zhuck N.A.

On the Universe curvature

It is shown that the Universe is not a conservative system. This property manifests itself physically as the resistance to the material bodies motion, which is called gravitational viscosity, and as the decrease of the light frequency with distance, which is known as red shift, i.e. as loss (seattering) of energy. On the geometrical point of view, this property manifests itself as the geodesic curvature of the Universe. The general Galileo transformations are given and it is shown that the new equation of the free motion of the material body is invariant with regard to these transformations.
Key words: cosmology, Universe curvature, gravitational viscosity, red shift.

History of Science

Levchook Yu.N.

The 100 anniversary of Nobel Prize

It is considered the history of Nobel Prize. Some little-known details of the Nobel laureates biographies are given.
Key words: Nobel Prize, physics, chemistry, biology.


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