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April – June



Physics of Consciousness and Life

Bukalov A.V.

Thinking and quantum physics: the Gödel and Tarski theorems and uncertainty principle

It is shown that the quantum-mechanical regularities of thinking found their reflection in the metamathematical paradoxes and they are expressed by the Gödel and Tarski theorems. It is proposed the uncertainty relation for formal and semantic describing of the objects in metamathematics, and also an explanation of the "paradox of a liar". The obtained results can be used in creation of artificial intelligence on the base of quantum computers.
Key words: quantum mechanics, quantum-mechanical thinking, metamathematical paradoxes, formal-semantic uncertainty relation, artificial intelligence, quantum computer.

Khursin L.A.

On the essence of the informational flows as reflection of dynamic structure of substantial base of the human brain brief memory

The processes of synthesis and analysis of free information have been considered. It is described the hierarchy of the informational system levels, from individual brain to social system.
Key words: informational levels, brain, brief memory, social system.

Bukalov A.V.

The quantum-mechanical approach under the description of the small-concentration effect

The physic-chemical and medical effects of the ultra-small (1:1020...10000) concentrations of the substances, that are used in homeopathy, can be explained by the interaction of the wave functions of the substance and the solvent. As a result a new wave function appears, bringing information about dissolved substance when it is physically absent, which interacts with the wave functions of the alive organism or the biochemical preparations.
Key words: quantum mechanics, wave function of the solution, homeopathy.

Relativity Mechanics

Oleinik V.P.

Change of the course of time in force field and weightless state

It is shown that the force in relativistic mechanics is not only the cause of acceleration of particle relative to an inertial frame of reference, but also the cause of change of the course of time along the particle trajectory. Therein lies the physical content of the dynamical principle underlying special relativity (relativistic mechanics). The general formula for the relative course of time between the points lying on the trajectory of motion of particle under the action of a force field in an inertial reference frame is derived. The applications of the theory are developed to homogeneous fields, to the field of gravity and electromagnetic field as well as to the gravitational field produced by a point mass particle. Physical properties of the wieghtless state of particle in an external force field are investigated.
Key words: weightless state, time.

Field Theory

Kosyev V.Ya.

The Unified Field, Space and Time Theory

The relativistic theory of a field is submitted. On the basis of classical representations of the special theory of relativity, the ratio connecting scale spatio-temporal continuum to a charge of a gravitational or an electrical nature is received. It is shown, that gravitationally or electrically charged substance, of a positive or negative sign, in absence of external potential forms closed space-time appropriate nature, and the density of a spatio-temporal continuum in each point is determined by sign, of a corresponding charge in all the closed volume. The new theory shows the gear of expansion of closed space-time. The equations of the unified field theory, determining the law of mutual transformation of electrical, magnetic and gravitational fields, are received.
Key words: spatio-temporal continuum, space-time, gravitational field, potential, double-nature space-time, electro-magnetic oscillations, magneto-gravitational oscillations, electro- magneto-gravitational oscillations.

Cosmology and Astrophysics

Zhuck N.A.

New stationary model of the Universe

This article is a review. Universe has been described as homogeneous and plane with Euclid geometry. It allows to choose the Einstein equations with the cosmological constant, to close the system of equations, to transform it into a field form and to reduce. On that base a stationary model of the Universe is developed, and the amendments to the main physical laws are obtained, which are responsible for a global gravitational interrelation of all natural phenomena. It is shown, that the red shift is a result of such interrelation and the microwave background radiation is a balanced radiation from all objects in the Universe. Identity of an inertial and gravitational mass is proved. It is revealed the new properties of the Universe, which are called gravitational viscosity and geodesic curvature of the Universe, also the shield properties of matter. Compatibility of the given results with the observing natural phenomena is shown.
Key words: stationary Universe, background radiation, red shift, spectrum of radiation.

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