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Physics of Consciousness and Life

Bukalov A.V.

Consciousness and physical universe

A principle of equivalence between computing and quantum processes in physical vacuum has been formulated. It is shown that the universal vacuum if treated as a conglomerate of relativist fields can be perceived as a giant computing system controlling the movement of micro-particles and macro bodies (planets, stars, etc.) Alike physical processes occur in semiconductor crystals of modern computers used for construction of artificial intelligence systems. As an analogue of macro-computer, the Universe in total inevitably possesses the attributes of consciousness and intelligence, its apart subsystems interact with human consciousness and find their interpretation within the framework of religious beliefs.
Key words: consciousness, physical vacuum, computer, quantum calculations and correlations, religion.

Khursin L.A.

On the essence of the informational flows as a reflection of the substantial base dynamic structure of the human brain brief memory

The processes of synthesis and analysis of free information have been considered. The hierarchy of the informational system levels is described from individual brain to social system.
Key words: informational levels, brain, brief memory, social type system.

Bukalov A.V.

Psyche, living processes and quantum mechanics - a phenomenological approach

Complimentarity (according to N. Bohr) and the quantum mechanics laws can describe the functional regularities of thinking of right and left cerebral hemispheres. It also explains a set of the metamathematics paradoxes. It is considered the accordance between the psyche structure and hierarchy of the quantum fields, their dynamic evolution with violation of the initial symmetries.
Key words: psychophysics, biophysics, physics of consciousness, quantum mechanics, cerebral hemispheres, metamathematics, genetics, thinking.

Kurik M.V.

The informational properties of water and human consciousness

The problems of interrelationship between the structure of water as main mineral of life and the manifestation of its power-informational properties in living organism have been considered in this survey. The modern conceptions about water structure and the different physical fields influences on the water properties are described. At first a role of water as holographic matrix which forms the human consciousness is analyzed, and the experimental proofs of this thesis are adduced.
Key words: water, life, information, water structure.

Churumov S.I.

Psychical substrate problem

The different hypothesis about the physical substrate nature and the relation between psyche and bioenergetical processes in living organism are considered. The various data are analyzed. It is suggested a hypothesis about connection of the physical substrate of the informational metabolism functions with power meridians.
Key words: socionics, psychophysiological problem, hypothesis about the psychophysiological problem soluion, psyche, physical substrate, power meridians, semantics of the energetic canals and informational aspects.


Pinchuk A.A., Levchook Yu.N., Chepelevskaj N.V., Grechko L.G.

Spontaneous activity of pacemaker cells

The mathematical model of spontaneous activity of a pacemaker cell has been considered. The cell authorhythmisity is reached by including in the model of five integral currents: potassium, calcium and sodium channels, sodium-potassium pump and sodium-calcium exchanger. The dynamics of changing of intracellular concentrations of main cations: K+, Na+, Ca2+, responsible for the spontaneous cell activity, have been obtained. The simulation of a membrane action potential and ionic currents was performed. The limit cycle oscillations were studied using phase diagram techniques.
Key words: pacemaker cell, main cations, oscillations.

Cosmology and Astrophysics

Zhuck N.A.

Microwave background of space as the total radiation of all stars

It is shown that the microwave background radiation of space can be the total radiation of all stars of the stationary Universe under the presence of a dimensional dissipation of energy of electromagnetic waves. The formula for this radiation temperature is obtained, the blackbody character of its spectrum and compatibility of the law of spreading of electromagnetic waves with the diagram of Hubble are shown. The quantitative rates total radiation are reduced and their conformity to the characteristics of a substantially observable microwave background radiation is shown.
Key words: background radiation, red shift, Habble diagram, radiation spectrum.

Field Theory

Oleinik V.P.

Superlight signals, physical properties of time and self-organizing principle

The own field of electron, treated as an open self-organizing system, is a bearer of superlight signals, which may be used for the creation of qualitatively new systems of information transfer. The course of time in some region of space depends on the character of physical processes occurring in it and thus one can control the time by changing its course with the aid of material processes. These conclusions are not in conflict with the relativity theory; they follow immediately from relativistic equations of motion and are an essential development of conventional notions of space and time. At present all the necessary prerequisites are available, both theoretical and technical, for practical mastering of own fields of particles and physical properties of time. Research in the field of quantum electrodynamics (QED) has a strategic value because it leads to revolution in engineering. On the basis of the newest development of QED the Self-Organization Principle, which governs the nature development, is formulated.
Key words: electrodynamics, electron self field, superlight signals, time.

Physics and Philosophy

Leschinsky A.P.

Superlight signals and time in I-Ching

The superluminal signals allow to get a new interpretation of an ancient Chinese idea about the two kinds of time and to come to a search of a physical base of soothsaying.
Key words: time, superlight signals, hexagram, I-Ching.

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