Aleksandr V. Bukalov

The Centre of Physical and Space Researches, International Institute of Socionics
"Physics of Consciousness and Life, Cosmology and Astrophysics" journal, issue 1, 2004 .

The hierarchy of energies and the elementary particles structures in the alive matter organization

It is shown that the hypothetical vacuum energy can form synergerically the hierarchy of the alive organism structures, which consist of atoms as well as of the set of elementary particles, existing according to the modern quantum field theory. The lowest level of the hierarchy and the alive matter organization correspond to the observed atom-molecular structures, which form the physical body of alive organism. The quantum structure of alive organism and its interaction with the nonlocal vacuum energy provide us to introduce the conception about the quantum nonlocality of alive organism, its psychics and consciousness.
Key words: alive matter, biophysics, vacuum energy, hierarchy of fermion structures of organism, synergetics.

It was shown by us previously that the energetical equivalent of the alive matter existence and its structure support is rather great: Ėbio≈1033J/s for the Earth biosphere, Ėh ≈1019J/s for the human organism, Ėcell ≈104J/s for a cell [1, 4]. Meanwhile the consumption of the solar energy, supplied to the biosphere for photosynthesis, is rather less quantity: . Thus we have obtained the relation: . The author supposed that Ėbio is the energy of vacuum or vacuum field [8, 13]. Hence for reception, interaction with such form of cosmological energy the alive matter must have a structure, which has to be resonant in respect to the vacuum field like the metal antenna in radiotechnique provides the reception and emission of electromagnetic waves. Taking into account the large energetical range (1019) between the vacuum energy Ėbio and the light energy (and the biochemical as well), used on the molecular level of the organism structure, one can suppose the existence of the alive matter structure hierarchy, consisted of vacuum fields, elementary particles of different masses and energies, till the known atoms and molecules (as the set of interacting baryons: protons, neutrons, electrons and electromagnetic fields). The modern unite theories of field and superstrings give rather wide spectrum of particles fields and their hierarchy, which can be observed under certain conditions [11]. Thus there is nothing surprising that under the suitable energy supply these elementary particles form the synergetical hierarchy structures, which observed aspect is presented by the molecular forms. As the elementary particles create the hierarchy, from vacuum till molecular formations, it is possible the existence of atoms and molecules constructed by such elementary particles, like to the baryon-lepton atoms and molecules, and the existence of stable and even alive structures constructed by such “atoms” and “molecules”.

The exception of this natural supposition causes the set of interesting consequences.

The first: any molecular organized matter, especially an alive one, is only an observed component of hierarchy structure, consisted of elementary particles. Some special characteristical energy corresponds to every such structure.

The second: in opposite to the atom-molecular structures, the covered structures have quantum properties (such as superfluidity) because they consist of unobserved particles. This circumstance provides practically the unentropy of their existence.

The third: The quantum properties of such structures provide nearly unentropy information processing, i.e. the consciousness and thinking features, which can be refered also to the Universe physical vacuum as a whole [2, 7, 11, 17].

The fourth: Such structures can interact with the molecular ones, the biological bodies, and operate by them. Meanwhile, under the destruction of the molecular structures function the covered alive structures can cease the interaction with them, going on their existence in the unobserved or almost unobserved form. The breaking of structures, standing due to hierarchy after the molecular ones, conserve the function of organism, consisted of the following fields and elementary particles.

By this sense an alive structure, arising on the elementary particles level, exists more lager than the molecular structure.

Hence, the simple and natural physical suppositions about the formation of the elementary particles synergetic structures cause the picture, completely coincides with the many millenniums spirit ideas of the whole mankind about the existence of the other life forms, beyond the molecular one, and about the transition into this form after the biological molecular organism. It is easy to notice that the covered , unobserved form of alive and the molecular form, if one considers it as an analogy to the superfluid liquid Bose-He-II of Fermi-He-II, relate as the superfluid and normal components. The normal, molecular, unobserved component is absorbed into the superfluid one which is a macroscopic quantum object, possible, the  “unite molecule”, situated in the unite energetic state.

In the superfluid liquids, such as Fermi-liquid He-III, the normal component is a substructure, which behaviuor is determined by the whole liquid state. In alive organism it is possible to point out the atomic structure, electronic Fermi-liquid and, probable, the hierarchy of the elementary particles, including the different mass leptons, which interact among them by not only electromagnetic but also the other fields.

The investigation showed that the alive organism becomes more light under its death and it approximately corresponds to the electronic (or other field) component weight. As the electrons are not disappeared it is possible to say about same structure, which interacts with electronic Fermi-structures and approximately equal to it by mass or energy. The similar structures are almost beyond the device registration possibilities but this circumstance cannot be an argument for their existence disprovement. No one of some predicted elementary particles was not detected in experiments but the most of physicists have no doubt of their existence. And thus the physical status of the observation of the organized structure of thin particle and fields is analogous.

The known molecular structure of alive matter has such a feature as the covered hierarchy of physical field structures and this feature is reflected by the structure of biological processes and consciousness phenomena.

Recently by us and other authors the quantum properties of consciousness and thinking were considered [6, 10, 17, 18]. Some authors consider the alive organisms as quantum systems [3, 5, 14, 16, 20]. Whereas it was not understand how the molecular biological system can realize the quantum properties. This difficulty is absent within our conception: the molecular structure is the normal operated substructure of the quantum hierarchy system and it provides the quasi-quantum properties.

Let us consider now the hierarchy of energies, provided the existence of covered vacuum and field alive structures and organism systems.

We have noted that , this number coincides by order with N~mpl / mp  = 1.3·1019 and (mpl / mp)6 =3.83·1019. The last expression directly shows the energy hierarchy and 6 possible structures, consisted of Fermi-elementary particles without the notice of the 7th one, which is electron-photon ant the 8th which is photon-neutron.

The mass of particles, which form the organization of this level matter
m1 = (mpl / mp )6me ≈ (2.3)7·10-51kg = 1.33·10-14eV

We have obtained the value of the first level mass, i.e. the light Fermi-particle, which is the geometrical middle between the masses of electron and graviton.

The following levels are filled by the Fermi-particles with the masses:
m2 = me / (mp / me )5 =4.36·10-47kg=2.45·10-10eV
m5 = me / (mp / me )2 =2.7·10-37kg=0.15 eV
m3 = me / (mp / me )4 =8·10-44kg=4.49·10-7eV
m6 = me / (mp / me ) =5·10-34kg=278.3 eV
m4 = me / (mp / me )3 =1.47·10-40kg=8.25·10-4eV
m7 = me  =9.1·10-31kg=4.95·105eV
m8 = mp  =1.67·10-27kg=9.38·108eV

The organization range from vacuum till molecular structures includes 7-8 levels. Thus the physical molecular body corresponds to the seventh or eighth levels of the alive matter organization and it is connected with the six unobserved structures, consisted of  “atoms”, which are the elementary particles.

Every organization level can be considered as a structure, analogous to the atom-molecular one, but possesses, obviously, the quantum properties, including the properties of the superfluid Fermi-liquid. Besides the boson electromagnetic interactions, connected molecules, atoms, protons and electrons, it is obviously that there are another massless boson fields providing the interactions between fermion structures or  “bodies” of more light levels. Every such a body due to its superfluidity forms the unite coherent  “molecule”. Thus it is arisen the hierarchy of such unite structures, interacting among them by the boson fields hierarchy. The general interaction scheme is shown on fig. 1. Basing on the energies hierarchy one can conclude that the levels with the great supplied energy operate by the lower levels dynamics. The strong destruction of the lower level function causes the separation of the higher levels structures, which go on to function, i.e. to connected with and to exist on their quantum and other condition of reality. It is connected with the following circumstance: the existence of supersymmetrical and other particles is provided by the existence of additional space measurements. Besides, due to the quantum character of the highest Fermion structures they can exist more longer than the molecular ones. It is necessary to note that for every level of alive matter organization the correspondent organization level and hence the certain consciousness level has place. Thus for the highest organization levels (m1Esacr)  the highest consciousness levels has to correspond.

Fig. 1. The scheme of interaction of the alive matter organizations level.

In connection with the above mentioned, one has to note the principal coincidence of our conclusions with the religious and esoteric notions about the existence of the  “thin” human bodies, which form a hierarchy and interact with the physical (molecular) body, operate by it and go on their existence after the molecular (physical) body death.

Every of the Fermion types is a carrier of the two charges as minimum. For example, the electron is a carrier of the electric charge  and the charge , acting for Fermion  as a nucleous analogy in atom. as a nucleous analogy in atom.

The fion charge  can be not revealed directly in the electric of electrostatic interaction due to the screening by fions with the charges  of the electron charge . By such a way it is arisen the hierarchy of the atom-like structures, connecting the Fermions on the all levels. Meanwhile for every level there is certain unite organization which can be perceived as  “body”. The field structures have the superfluid and quantum properties as a one unite in opposite to the observed molecular structures of the physical body, which are under their operation. This circumstance explain the paradoxal, nonlocal in the quantum sense properties of the psyche as well as the others abnormal phenomena, because for every structure there is certain specific level of psychics or consciousness. Thus the alive organism, its psychics and consciousness can reveal the nonlocal quantum properties.

One should to note that the weighting of the alive organisms under their death showed the change of the weight [15].

The obtained organization levels also can be divided by the sublevels and the correspondent substrucutes, for example:  or , , ...

The energy supply to organism on the all levels forms synergetically the whole structure, not only of the inside physical body organs but also the analogical organs of other “bodies”, constructed by the elementary particles[1].

Let us consider now the vibration frequencies in the “field” structures of alive organism. Basing on the electron vibration frequency, the frequencies for the fermions invariant rest masses are the following:
ve = 1.97·1019 Hz;
vf = 1.07·1016 Hz;
vk = 5.84·1012 Hz;
vz = 3.18·109 Hz;
vr = 1.73·106 Hz;
vt = 9.42·103 Hz;
vb = 5.14 Hz.

Under the such values of the wave lengths and the particles sizes as well as the “atoms”, constructed by them, the field structure would have rather significant sizes. Meanwhile namely the energy supply Ėvac decreases the effective wave length of elementary particle till the sizes, compared with the molecular cells ones. It follows from the known formula λk = h / mu. Hence, the increase the energy of the first level of particles by 1019 times causes the decrease if their wave lengths by  times. The same is valid for the all levels.

The vibration interval between vb and vt includes not only the sound frequencies but also the brain rhythms α, θ and others. Thus the physical brain existence with the character frequencies in this interval causes its resonance with the vibrations of the more high organizations level. It provides the existence and activity of the high psychic functions, which by such way are the reflection of the hierarchical quantum structure of the alive matter highest levels, consisted by light fermions. Besides, these frequencies are in the sound range. Meanwhile, namely the presence of language as the sound-symbol communication provides the consciousness development.



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[1] In esoterical knowledge there is the direct description of this process: the flow of the Universe energetical radiations, forming the organism structure and providing its perception [9, 12].

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