Aleksandr V. Bukalov

The Centre of Physical and Space Researches, International Institute of Socionics
"Physics of Consciousness and Life, Cosmology and Astrophysics" journal, issue 1, 2001 .

On the quantum-mechanical properties of the alive matter

It has been carried out a comparison of the physical properties of the quantum liquids with the properties of an alive organism, considering as a macro-quantum system, created with condensate of the space-time intervals of the events, playing a role of the quasi-particles in the strong misbalanced biological system, moving in a flow of energy.
Key words: quantum liquid, Bose-condensate, Fermi-condensate, alive organism, macro-quantum system, discrete metric of the events, wave function of the biological system.

We have shown recently [1, 2] that an alive organism can be presented by the time-space structure, described the discrete metrics of events. This structure forms the hierarchy of the quanted space-time levels. It means that the space-time degrees of freedom form the analogy of the Bose- and Fermi-condensate. The alive organism existence in the current energy flow can be described by the equation:
where is the macroscopic analogy of Planck constant, is the operator of the space-time intervals of events (metrics events operator), the space-time analogy of the Hamilton operator.
  ,    (2)
where ε is the energy flow, received by the organism.

  ,    (3)
where is the set of metric intervals of the space-time events in biological system.

Basing on the proposed equation (1) we shall consider the following comparation:

Quantum liquids, superconductivity phenomenon, physical vacuum Alive organism as an analogy of the quantum liquid,
which is the condensate of the space-time degrees of freedom
1. Energetically quanted levels 1. Space-time (or time) quanted levels as the events quantums .
2. Unite energetical level E0, particles delocation in space (time) or the ordering in momentum space. Unite response function on the disturbance (coherent system). 2. Unite space-time structure, delocalized by energy (momentum), or aperiodically space-time “crystal”. Coherent system, unite response function on disturbance.
3. Transition to the lower energetical orbit is accompanied by the radiation quantum emition. Transition to the upper energetical orbit is accompanied by the absorption of radiation. 3. The rise of the organism degree of organization (for example, growth) is the transition to the principal space-time structure as the hierarchy of the principal Xμ-levels, what is accompanied by the information emition (in particular, cells division, reproduction).
4. Quantum circulation of the superfluidity component along the vortex line in the space-time (X, t). 4. Circulation of Xμ-“superfluidical” component in energy (momentum) Ei as a periodical process in energy. It is nothing but the biochemical cycles, periodical in energy (momentum). The set of these cycles produces the “metabolical vortex”, which is a characteristic of the life processes.
5. For the superfluid liquid the phase transition in l-point causes the infinite correlation in the space-time. 5. The unity of an organism as a Xμ-structure under the aspiration or interference of the alive Xμ-structures in the energy-momentum (aspiration to the infinite energy possessing due to evolution).
6. The levels quantization is observed independently of the space sizes. 6. The structure discreteness (Xμ-quantization) is observed independently of the used energy quantity (energy volume).
7. The unite coherent function Ψ (X, t), which evolutionates in time, what is described by the wave Shrodinger equation , where is the energy operator (Hamilton operator). The wave function reduction (change) causes the interference in (X, t) elimination. 7. The unite coherent function Ψ(E, p) evolutionates in energy, what is described by the wave equation , where is the operator of the quantum discrete space-time intervals, i.e. the quantums of events, is the macroscopic analogy of the Planck constant. The wave function reduction of the energy measure eliminates the interference in Ψ(Ep), i.e. causes the organism death . Note, that the Ψ(Ep), measure interpretation in Ei describes the biochemical transformations under the structure conservation.
8. The degree of the wave function symmetry as the description of internal symmetries or interactions hierarchy, described by the group theory (hierarchy of the quanted Young-Mills fields [5, 8] in the space-time and separated spaces (or covered measures) X110. 8. The wave function Ψ (Ep) describes the hierarchy of the inside space-time symmetries or the space quanting correspondent to the Young-Mills fields, i.e. the separated spaces quanting and in the limit, the superspace, under the interferention in the energy-momentum. It means, that the energetical components of the physical interactions are made equal in alive organism (due to the interference and the Ei undistinction). It is rised the hierarchy of quanted spaces (including the unobserved ones), determined on the separations (or covered “measures” of the energy-momentum space E1..10). Thus the organism barions and leptons interferate in Ei by such a way that the interactions become equal, i.e. the inside motions or the symmetry inside barions, described by QCD, GUT, SUSY, make the same contribution in Ei-specrum. It is a reason for organism to be the “coherent amplificator” of the internal quantum-field structure. The hierarchy of the symmetries of the inside (separated) spaces SU(N)·Ei determines the existence and coherent amplification of the quanted fields hierarchy of the space-time (XμTμ) (determined on energetical measurements), including the uncommutated ones. The space-time quantum fields form the inside quanted unite (dynamical) organism structure, which moves in the energetical space, i.e. the continual hierarchy of biochemical reactions.
It is also refers to the brain. The brain is the most ordered hierarchically separated energetical continuum, determined by the biochemical reactions. The virtual quanted spaces (Xn, tm) are the most amplificated in the brain. It is nothing but the psychics aspect. Thus the psychics, as an external display of the covered quantum measurements, exists for any degree of the matter organization (cell, particle etc.). But the brain of mamalia, especially the human one, is the structure, where the covered measurements are condensed and displayed rather obviously. (The empirical psychological observations prove that the consciousness is an integral part of the Universe [6, 7].) It follows the psychics unity due to the wave packet in the energy-momentum. Besides it follows the psychics interaction, because the most deep layers Xμ are united in the integrated structure (biosphere, Earth etc). These deep levels or the “initial psychics”, “initial consciousness” are common for the whole observed matter (quantum interferention). It is near to the C. G. Jung idea about the “collective unconscious” [11].
9. The hierarchy of the separated spaces X1N. 9. The hierarchy of the separated spaces E1N, tμ-symmetry or the bodies hierarchy as well as the molecule structures in cells and the cells in organism.
10. Bose or Fermi-condensate 10. Bose-(XμTμ) or Fermi- condensate of the space-time intervals as the metrical quantums of events.
11. Physical energetical Young-Mills fields and their union under the high energies till the Planck level, which is the equality of interactions. 11. The separated energetical spaces or the metric analogy of the Young-Mills fields, till the superstrings. The space levels union into the united state under the discrete events high density in the energy-momentum till the level, analogous to the Planck one or till the energetical strings. These strings excitements produce the (XμTμ)-fields spectra.
12. Superconductor: the pushing out of the electromagnetic field lines, the generation of the own currents which reduce the external field action. 12. Organism: under the action of information about the external world (space-time) the “currents” Xμ) are generated and they reduce the external disturbance; thus the external action “pushing out” or its reflection has place, i.e. nothing but the psychical reflection of external world. Thus the -current is connected with the psychic image. The reducing of the external field (Xt) by the inside one (XμTμ) is the adaptation to the environment. More than that, the reflection produces the inner world of -currents. The reflection of the outer world by the inside one means the adaptation and the motion production according to this disturbance. It is described by the wave function Ψ(Eipi) together with the unite response of the whole system, producing the indissipated currents (XμTμ)=
13. The Ampere law: the magnetic current, passing through the superconductive ring, has to be quanted. 13. The tμ quantation is the quantation of the change of the psychical images (consciousness flow).
14. The Josephson effect: the two currents interferention through the dielectric layer. The unite wave function formation [9]. 14. The interference of the currents through the layer in the tμ-“dielectric” or the organisms interaction and their psychics in Ei, i.e. communication, language etc. The formation of the populational or social structure, i.e. the collective or society as the sequence of the unite wave function Ψ.
15. The reflection of the current jE and its structure. 15. The reflection of the structure of external world and the world of things; the space Xμ-images and their symmetries (Z)·Ψ(Ep).
16. Superfluidity and superconductivity are the result of the general macroscopic property, characterized by the pulse vector. 16. Quantum-mechanical properties of alive organism as the result of the ordered state rising, characterized by the vector (XμTμ), i.e. the vector of the space-time “momentum”, which is the vector of evolution and development.
17. The order is described by the amplitude and phase(XμTμ), which characterize the space-time (Xt)-correlation. 17. The order is described by the amplitude and phase A*eiφ, φ(Ep), which characterize the energy-momentum correlation.
18. The fermions coupling in the crystal lattice (X). 18. The coupling in Ei-“crysral lattice” in the Bose-condensate of “events” from the symmetries of the field interactions and biocycles. The organism formation by cells as well as community formation by the organisms groups.
19. The interaction among electrons under the superconductivity is provided by the dynamic deformation of the crystal lattice, caused by the movable electrons. 19. The interaction among the unsymmetrical events (spinor spaces) is provided by the Ei-dynamical (chemical transformations) deformation of the SU(N)·E“crystal” ordered lattice, i.e. the biochemical cycles are caused by the motion of the inside symmetries spinor spaces, formed by the collectivization of these spaces atoms, electrons, barions, quarks, their discretization (periodicity under the macroamplification or interferention in the energy-momentum). On the macrolevel the spinor spaces hierarchy displays in psychics: the binary oppositions in language, music, myth, i.e. musical composition, myth etc. are the structure, which reflect the “Fermi-opposition” condensate.
20. The electrons spins and momentums are oriented in opposite directions under the superconductivity. 20. It is possible that on the separate organisms level it is connected with the division by the two sexes: male and female (Xμ-Fermions coupling) also including the interference processes.
21. The forbidden energy values zone is an energetical gap. 21. The Xμ forbidden values is the space-time “gap”(distance) between alive and nonalive, the different levels of the matter organization, including within the levels of the alive matter organization.
22. Superconductor: the magnetic field penetration into the superconductor causes the symmetry destruction (spontaneous one). In the superconductor the surface vortex structure is rised; the magnetic field, penetrating into the superconductor, gets a mass. In vacuum the Higgs mechanism causes the spontaneous destruction of the relativistic fields and the mass rising. 22. The Tμ-field penetration into organism (information) or the symmetry destruction; the “binding” of the Ei-surface Tμ-currents is nothing but the psychical symmetry destruction, the display of the especial psychic instance, separated from the rest psychics due to the spontaneous symmetry destruction and the rise of the beforeconsciousness and consciousness (S. Ego, Ego) as the structures, connecting with environment, reflecting it and defending the rest psychics from destruction. The unconsciousness opposition gets a mass und the transformation into the logical oppositions, reduced the psychics. It follows the “intellect deadable action” and the limited world cognition. The unconsciousness is connected with the hierarchical Xμ(Tμ)-structure and the interference in the energy-momentum. This hierarchy (YM-fields) forms the semantics (“semantic Universe” [10]). The symbols, operated by the consciousness, act on the unconsciousness and its semantics. (Under this operation every “vortex”, the symbol, is connected with the unconsciousness; the symbols (vortex) hierarchy as the reflection (presentation and defense) of the correspondent hierarchy of unconsciousness, its semantics.)
23. Quantum-mechanical interference is the one of the probability (alternatives) amplitudes 23. The natural selection is the competition of the energetical modes, molecules, cells, organisms, kinds.
24. The finite quantum-mechanical systems: periodical motion in (Xt), the discrete energetical spectra. 24. The finite Xμ-systems: periodical motion in the energy-momentum (biochemical cycles, genus prolongation, reproduction), the discrete Xμ or Tμ-spectra of the degree of freedom in the separated energetical spaces. “In the fermentive system it is observed the equalization of the different forms energetical levels and the activation barries reduction” [4].

Thus the produced comparison provides us to make a conclusion that the alive organism can be considered as the macroscopic new type quantum system, formed by the structure of the space-time intervals of the biochemical events and described by equation (1). The formation and supporting of such rather ordered space-time structure is equivalent to the large energy provision, maybe, the Universe vacuum energy [3], which significantly exceeds the energy, obtained by organism with food, Meanwhile, the concrete mechanism of these structures formation needs the further revealing and will be described in the following works.



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