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"Physics of Consciousness and Life, Cosmology and Astrophysics" journal, issue 4, 2001 .

On the possibility of existence of the fields forms of life

Molecular structures create tensions in the vacuum fields and connect with the field forms of life. It is possible the existence of hierarchy of such structures, which forms the resulting geodesic trajectories of the non-equilibrium systems moving, including the biological ones, what is equivalent to the moving of this systems in super-field with the complicated geometrical structure, analogously to the description of the elementary particles moving not in the electromagnetic field, but in the space with the Finsler geometry. The field forms of life are in the Rindler vacuum with the negative temperature and density of energy, and their entropy corresponds to information in Minkovski world. It explains the anti-entropic nature of consciousness and life.
Key words: field forms of life, Rindler vacuum, Minkovski space, negative temperature, information, entropy, thermodynamics of consciousness.

In the previous communication [2] we considered the action of the matter and solvent, what causes to the effect of the quantum delocalization of a matter in solvent and to the formation of “quantum imprint”, i.e. the matter trace. The mentioned regularities can be spread for any quantum systems. The vacuum, being a set of coherent relativistic fields, is able to remember and transfer the information, as well as the solvent matter and like to liquid but it is free from the liquid structural limitations. It means that the material object, consisted of molecules, has its “vacuum imprint”, which under the condition of the mixture of the object wave functions with some vacuum field can be delocalized over the whole vacuum volume:
where — ψ1 is the matter wave function, ψ2 is the vacuum field wave function.

The vacuum field “imprint” can produce rather real observed action, the information and force as well, connected with the action on atoms and molecule structures like the delocalized matter in homeopathy solution reacts with a usual matter [2]. Thus we have come to conclusion that the alive organisms have the field “imprint” which goes on its existence after the organism (or other structure) decomposition and exists in the form of the vacuum virtual structure like it has place in solution, which has not any soluted matter molecule. Thus we can say about the presence of the life field forms, interacting with the observed matter forms, which partly are the “imprints” of material structures including the ones, which conserve the whole their information and go on the evolution in such a form. The ability of these field forms (connected with the relativistic field hierarchy) to interact with the matter structures is analogous to the reagents interaction. The reagents are localized and delocalized, the interaction change their structures and causes the third substance origin.

Let us also note that during the last years acad. V.P.Kaznacheev et al. produces the theoretical and experimental development of the analogous conception of the field and molecular forms of life symbiosis [5, 6].

It is notable that the field life form interaction with the strongly non-equilibrium matter structures (placed far from equilibrium) can cause the reproduction of the field life form by the non-equilibrium system. It is connected with the well-known fact of the small disturbances amplification by 10N times in the non-equilibrium systems because of the action in the bifurcation points. It can be interpreted by such a way that the field structure can form the molecule structures under the conditions far from equilibrium. Really the field structures form the geodesic motions of the non-equilibrium systems whereas it means the operation of these non-equilibrium structures.

If we assume that the field structures were risen long before the Sun and planets origin then the life rise can be considered from a new point of view. One can suppose that some initial field structures induced the rise of the first alive organisms as well as their evolution under the non-equilibrium conditions. Under this process the alive organism death and the molecule structure decay causes the possibility for the field form, connected with the mentioned organism, for interaction with other rising organism and for influence on its formation. The analogous field forms can be connected with the formation of such objects as stars and planets. If it is so, one can speak about the non-equilibrium matter motion along the geodesic line, not only gravitational but also the whole relativistic fields hierarchy or the equivalent to them description by the geodesic superfield form. Thus if the simple forms of the platens motion are in correspondence to the motion along the gravitation field geodesic line, described by the GTR, then the planets formation corresponds, probable, to the motion along the geodesic lines, considered in gravitation with the supersymmetry twisting i.e. with more initial field etc. What refers to such matter organization form as the biosphere, consisted of alive organisms, it can be supposed that due to their sharp difference from the non-alive matter, the geodesic motions of alive matter are connected with some fields, distinguished from other ones. The geodesic motion can be produced by the field of the Planck mass particles or the same mass superstrings, which produce the metric quantum fluctuations: the connection with the space-time (x, t) quanting.

The alive structures strongly counteracts the entropy increase and then the information ordering I=–kT lnW (negentropy by L.Brilluen) is equivalent to the negative thermal energy. But namely such structure with effective negative temperature Te=–kT and negative energy density is inherent to the virtual fields and particles in the so-called “Rindler vacuum” [1, 3]. These fields, including the electromagnetic ones, become real only in the case of the application to them the energy or under the accelerated motion of these fields detector. But namely the energy flow, applied to the non-equilibrium biological systems, provides their existence in the real Minkovski space, really revealing their structure by the biological molecule forms. Recently N.G.Kobozev showed the inevitable participation of the light elementary particles with the masses m=10-35…38kg in the thinking processes. But from the thermodynamical point of view these particles cannot provide the unentropy character of thinking whereas only the entropy approximation to zero is provided by them under the logical thinking operations S→0. This approach incapability to the solution of the problem of the unentropy physics thinking was convincingly shown by I.Z.Tsehmistro [10].

The considered virtual particles in the Rindler vacuum automatically prove the unentropy character not only of the thinking but also the all biological processes. Under this processes
SRindler= –kTe lnW , when IMinkovski=–kT lnW , and SMinkovski= IMinkovski     (2)

It means that the field structure entropy of the Rindler vacuum produces the equilibrium of molecule structure in the Minkovski space, acting as information. Thus it has place the elimination of the entropy limitation on the calculation ability as the thinking property and on the operation of the biological structure psychics. Only the expenses are realized for the support of the non-equilibrium structure stability in the fluctuating encirclement and these expenses have no relation to the calculation process. Thus the consciousness can be considered as the process, proceeding in the Rindler vacuum beyond the Minkovski space limitation.

It is obvious that it must exist the hierarchical set of fields, connecting the states of the Rindler and Minkovski vacuum, their virtual fields and real molecule structures. It can be the lepton fields, considered by N.I.Kobozev [8], and the “superlepton” virtual ones, existing under the negative temperatures in respect to the real Minkovski vacuum. Thus the field alive structures really can exist in the Rindler vacuum but their observation by the physical methods in the Minkovski space is rather difficult due to the energetical levels difference. Meanwhile these virtual field structures interact among them in their reality levels: they also are able to measure and observe each other because they are in the relatively homogeneous energetical states of the Rindler vacuum. We note that the space dimensionality of the virtual forms existing can differ from the Minkovski space four dimensions. This property in connection with the properties of the virtual vacuum particles, which are principally non-localized in the four dimensions space-time due to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle , causes others energetical, informational and psyhoinformational interactions, which are forbidden in the Minkovski space.

On the human experience level these interactions, probably are revealed by such unusual phenomena as the telepathy and supervision in space and time [4]. In some experimentally registrated forms of telekinesis the objects disappear and then appear again. Really they transfer in the virtual forms, coming energetically from the Minkovski world into the Rindler vacuum under the temporary withdrawal of some energy, which provide them to be the real observed objects. Then they return to the Minkovski world. Such phenomena are possible under the action of the correspondent field structures of the man-operator, who is in the Rindler vacuum and in the Minkovski world, whereas the mentioned structures form the energetical states hierarchy.

Thus from the physical point of view it is possible the after-death existence of the field forms, which can be realized under the known physical conditions, for example, on the Earth, as well as the others forms, more simple or complex and connected with the others matter organization forms. From another side, in the Indian Yoga and the others analogous traditional practices the fact of the existence of some human bodies was determined long ago; these bodies are: the physical, or protein, as well as the “thin”, invisible, i.e. “ether”, “astral”, “mental”, “causal” and others, including the true human “I” [5, 7]. These bodies can be equaled to the field forms of life whereas the fields and measures hierarchy corresponds to the “thin” bodies one. Besides from our conception it follows the existence of the more developed field forms of life, which, obviously, can be equaled to the “high spirit substances”, known in the whole world religion traditions. One can suppose that the process of the field life forming into another organism corresponds to the reincarnation image or the spirits transfer after the death and the organism decay. The process, which in Indian philosophy, Yoga practice and transpersonal psychology is called the composition with Cosmos, Universe and the person dissolution, corresponds to the whole field form delocalization in the Universe space-time. It is possible only for the field forms, which are able, under certain conditions, under the certain energy presence, to “materialize”, i.e. to structurize the fields till the material biological structures formation under the non-equilibrium conditions.

In our conception the vacuum structures occur to be determinative in the life processes physics and this circumstance is not a surprise. It completely correlates with the modern fields and cosmology theories, in which the whole observed Universe, its matter and dynamics are originated by the vacuum fields whereas the whole matter is a negligible part of these fields.



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