Aleksandr V. Bukalov

The Centre of Physical and Space Researches, International Institute of Socionics
"Physics of Consciousness and Life, Cosmology and Astrophysics" journal, issue 1, 2001 .

Consciousness and Physical Universe

It is shown that the universal vacuum if viewed as a conglomerate of relativist fields can be perceived as a giant computing system controlling the movement of micro-particles and macro bodies (planets, stars, etc.) Alike physical processes run in semiconductor crystals of modern computers used for construction of artificial intelligence systems. As an analogy of macro-computer, the Universe in total inevitably possesses the attributes of consciousness and intelligence, its apart subsystems inter-relate with human consciousness and find their interpretation within the framework of religious systems and beliefs.
Key words: consciousness, physical vacuum, computer, computations, religion.

An explosive progress in computers miniaturisation nowadays has put forward a question of possibility of the quantum computer creation. That means that consideration should be given to devices and perspective technologies, using the quantum characteristics of apart nuclei, electrons and photons. Expected capabilities of such a computer would supersede those of modern computing devices many times. In fact, the designers perceive the computer as the top capabilities of the human brain. Meanwhile, it has been noted by biophysicists that the objects alike computers do exist at cellular level in the nature: these are molecular phonon computers that 'operate' on the basis of phonon (sound quanta) oscillation, their mean frequency is relatively high (>1010Hz). Any cell however, contains only 1012÷13 nuclei so far. It can be easily understood from the above, that the computing power of a relativist analogue of the quantum computer with the signal distribution velocity equalling that of the light c, and vacuum and elementary particles (electrons, photons, baryons, gravitons etc.) representing a working medium, will be the highest possible in the observable physical world. Any computation finally aims at controlling a certain object or process, and a relativist computer will be also able to perform computation function, as any quantified physical field can control the objects within it, be they electrons, or planets. Therefore, the force exerted by any quantified field, whether it is created by photons, leptons, baryons, gravitation whichever, on an elementary particle or macrocosmic object can be viewed as a process of control over these objects happening in form of a field relativist 'computer' operation. That means, that any force like etc. is equivalent to influence of some field resulting from 'computation' or interaction of quanta in the above field and an object. The outcome of such interaction, or 'computation', is that the object, whether quantum or macrocosmic, moves along a resulting trajectory [1]. E. g., the general theory of relativity (TR) postulates that the matter moves along geodesic trajectories within distorted time-space. The gravitational field however, is only one of those discussed in modern field theories. The aggregate of computation algorithms of x=y type physically corresponds to the so-called 'natural laws' currently formulated predominantly in the form of differentiated equation. The world quantum description puts algorithms in correspondence to quantum operators, like Hamilton operator, or other. Therefore, the existence of a new principle of equivalence (NPE), that is, the equivalence of physical processes to computational ones where elementary particles wave functions, their corpuscular and wave aspects and qualities perform the role of incoming and processed information, can be assumed. The principles of A.Markov constructive mathematics [8, 9], that is the identity of computability and realization ability in a singular physical information process are fully implemented in the nature of given phenomena. The aggregate of these computations for the purpose of quantum mechanical information processing within the framework of the complex wave function of a field or quantum object can be termed as the consciousness that operates information within limits imposed by the interaction between subsystems and other wave functions.

It may be worth mentioning though, that a non-local, id. instant interaction among field quanta, exists in some cases. This can be derived from the singularity of the wave function φ that is not subject to reduction and describes the above field. The circumstance leads to the well-known Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox (EPR) of non-causal correlation among elementary particles that contact with each other regardless of distance between them [18]. Coercion on one particle leads to a change in the status of the other; because of that all the particles being the result of the singular wave function of the Universe ψUn, and despite separation after the Big Bang, are always EPR-correlated at a deeper level1. That means, that in spite of objects fields control at the speed of light (or, when some objects use relativist fields to control the others) the very interactions and 'computations' inside correlated relativist fields can happen in a non-causal manner, that is, instantaneously, forming the field status and respective trajectory of object movement. Now, in the theory of universal exponential expansion the very expansion as a phased transition from the primary field state runs at speed that is much higher than that of light >>c. Therefore, the alike synchronous, though micro-phased, transitions happening constantly, e. g., at Planck cycling frequency ωpl=1044s-1, and related to the singular wave function evolution, can provide for a globally synchronised evolution of the Universe. With this in mind, two principal interaction systems — the first, local one, with speed of  c and the second, non-local, where interaction is 'instant' for objects and the observer, can be easily singled out. There are different fields in the real physical Universe: real, virtual, those existing in form of the physical vacuum, or combination of all other possible fields (photon, electronic, positron (Dirak vacuum), baryon, quark etc.), including the gravitational one that embraces all of the Universe and is described at the macroscopic level by Einstein general TR equations. Still, for the gravitational field quantum equations also exist within the super-symmetry and super-string theories [3]. The correlation with conventional computer becomes the most evident in case of the Dirak vacuum because in modern computing devices semiconductors with electron-hole conductivity are used, and equations describing these semiconductors functioning are perfectly the same as those for vacuum. Quantum computers of the future will possibly make use of EPR-correlation-based processes of teleportation of quantum particles and/or its states [13-17].

Let us turn to another yet question: what are the Consciousness and the Mind? The consciousness can be concisely and abstractly determined like a wholesome ability (imaginable in a form of the singular wave function ψ) to perceive and evaluate incoming information, and to interact with the latter; when the Mind (Int) is an ability to integrate consciously digested information, to use it and develop the controlling influences, that is to act on the basis of consciousness while being the aggregate of algorithms, or operators:

There is no doubt in leading computer and artificial intelligence designs that the new computers comprising crystals working on the principle of solid body quantum physics, will possess some basic intelligence and in the long run will be able to overcome human mind potential. It would be only logical to summarise, that our approach towards description of a quantum field of any kind presumes the computational side of the quantum field which permits interpretation in terms of the Consciousness and the Mind. In other words, a possibility of acknowledgement of the Consciousness and Mind analogys (though certainly different from the forms known to us, yet in cybernetic terms comparable to those human) presence in quantum field can be derived from acknowledging the adequacy of management process description as field interaction. The only difference is in density and structure of the informational-psychic processes. Some researchers in the field of cybernetics back in 50-60ies modelled physical computations with certain physical-chemical processes of some structural growth [10]. The processes of universal evolution, formation of galaxies, stars, planets and living organisms can be viewed much the same like a result of some computations2 put into being in the course of physical processes. Therefore, the whole Universe can be describe as a giant self-managing computing system. This viewpoint has been already suggested in general by some scholars [6, 11, 19].

Therefore, the cybernetic language may be applied to description of physical processes subject to reduction to field interaction or alterations in field states. Moreover, the consideration of an enormous quantum field computing potential and the above processes let one assume that the universal quantum fields have field-like consciousness and intelligence. The singularity of consciousness in one taken field is ensured by its singular wave function ψμ(which circumstance shows itself in the EPR paradox); and resulting controlling influence viewed s an outcome of field 'mind' functioning is realised in a form of the forceful informational influence at a speed  c. Assuming this, we naturally derive the two components of quantum field psychic aspect functioning: the first ('quick') is out of time, non-causal, instantaneous, uniting all particles within the given field (and at a deeper level, other fields up to the singular function of the Universe); and the second ('slow') one, that operates in the causal world at a speed of  c and subjugates to generic physical laws, theory of relativity etc.

It can be easily seen that our conclusions in the most natural way correspond to C.Jung concepts [12] of the psyche conscious and unconscious functioning, where Jung characterises the unconscious as non-causal, timeless, related to synchronised events, something that exerts global influence on psyche of many individuals. Human consciousness, on the contrary, is adequate to the physical world. One should not be surprised to discover such a congruence in our approach towards description of physical field functioning and C.Jung views on human psyche: the man is part and parcel of the nature, and generally speaking, the man represents a peculiar configuration of a whole hierarchy of physical fields, and therefore, is a peculiar configuration of a consciousness corresponding to these fields, and this way leads us to such notion as Mind. Any unusual phenomena in human psyche, as related to telepathy, look natural only from this standpoint.

Another standpoint, saying that unconscious and conscious in psyche correlate as an aggregate of tachion (super-light) fields and conventional fields, is also possible3. The field theory states that it is the presence of a tachion field that brings stability to conventional fields (generally, observable matter). Much the same happens in the sphere of psychic processes when the presence of the unconscious in psyche (altogether with its proper archetype structure) provides for stable operation and the very existence of the conventional consciousness.

Our concept states that human unconscious interacts with a corresponding 'psychic', computing physical field component and remains the part and parcel (in quantum understanding) of the singular wave function ψμ (consciousness-field). Being non-causal one, this interaction spontaneously manifests itself (as in poltergeist case), and sometimes is prone to violation of the physical laws of causal world In fact, we define the two physics here: a causal and non-causal one. Possibly, events of the kind and intrusions into the physical reality could be described and structured as we are talking here of non-causal structures, their functioning and manifestation. When conceptually expanding the theory of informational metabolism (socionics), description of a set of synchronistic phenomena and creation of synchronistic models of both causal and non-causal manifestation of psychic and physical phenomena is possible. Such description can be achieved within the framework of a new branch called synchronics [2].

It is evident that a description of the Universe from the standpoint of our approach creates not merely a Universe with its mind and consciousness, but a whole hierarchy of consciousness and minds corresponding the universal field hierarchy, starting from the primary field and ending at macro-objects. From this, every wholesome object (incl. for star as a plasmatic self-organised field structure) can be found to have some corresponding field of consciousness. The possibility of identification with these fields at the level of human unconscious has been shown by S.Grof in his 35 year-long studies of transpersonal aspects of human psyche with psychedelics (LSD-like) and other methods [4].

One should also note that the wholesome object 'consciousness', described with the singular wave function can be represented within the given measurement system in a form where this wholeness could be personified by human consciousness as an apart ego of the object. This approach obviously leads to an anthropomorphic representation of mountain, tree, land etc. spirits. It takes us from here to a conclusion that an interaction between human consciousness and other conscious fields at the level of wave functions inevitably leads to religious representations. Such a viewpoint takes one to personification of the universal consciousness, that is, to the notion of God (or a hierarchy of deities) that in a non-causal manner synchronises all the universal existence and functioning, if some particular measurement system exists. At the physical level it correlates with existence of the universal singular wave function ΨUn that comprises a human consciousness subsystem in the form of ψμ, wave function subject to interaction and interfering with ΨUn. Interacting with other information-field structures, the human consciousness obtains information from the global information field which I would name the psycho-energy-informational one [1, 2].

It should be also noted that such approach will obviously permit to defeat I.Kant conclusion [5] on impossibility of proving God existence.

If the consciousness is a product of material brain, as materialist viewpoint puts it, then what consciousness could bring about a field analogy of the brain at the level of Universe? It is obvious, that such a 'hyper-brain' only corresponds to the 'hyper-consciousness'. Therefore, the purely materialistic view of consciousness origins as related to the computing function of the Universe, viewed as an aggregate hierarchy of physical fields, leads to a notion of field hyper-computing system possessing hyper-consciousness which, due to universality and globality of the operation, is inevitably identified to the notion of God and a hierarchy of smaller spiritual entities of lesser scale. The view is congruent to the concept of existence of field and plasmatic sentient life forms [1].

Now it is time to consider some computational abilities of the Universe as a whole that support its consciousness. The minimum length of spatial vacuum cell equals to the Planck length value: Lpl~10-35m. Therefore, a Metagalaxy with radius of R=1026 m has some operational cells. Cell working frequency stands at ωpl=1/tpl~1044c-1. So far, Z=Nω=101831044~10227 computing operations at Planck fields level are performed in the Metagalaxy every second. The amount of operations hierarchically decreases at the level of electromagnetic, lepton and baryon fields though still many thousand times greater the potential of individual human brain, less computer.

These are conditions for physical processes realisation in the form of computations. The described approach is commensurate with the RNA, or DNA concept representing the structure of the latter as a construct that comprises 103÷9 nucleotides working as specific computing programmes physically realized in cells. However, these molecular systems are negligibly small subsystems of field psycho-informational structures.



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1 Not a single scholar physicist researching the Big Bang problem has recognized this; meanwhile, everything happens within the singular wave function of the Universe.  Back
2 If otherwise interpreted, an 'inteligent activity of the universal field of consciousness.  Back
3 Luxon fields where the speed of informational transmission equals that of light; and tardion, where this speed is lower than that of light.  Back

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